9155 Barrel Factory Road
Hastings, FL 32145

StarBrite Stables

Make a Donation

StarBrite is able to help disadvantaged children because of financial assistance from our sponsors. Please join them and help us to continue our program!

How to Help and Support StarBrite Stables

There are many ways you can help the StarBrite programs:

  • Financial Gifts and donations
  • Horse sponsorship
  • Saddles and tack
  • Property improvements
  • Equipment
  • Staff education
  • Volunteer

To offer any help or support just contact us!


StarBrite is a community program run almost completely by volunteers. We provide our services to children in crisis.

We are able to do what we do because of your generosity. To make a money donation, please see our Donations page.

To make a in-kind donation of property or equipment, contact us.

Tack and Equine Equipment

New or gently used:

  • Helmets
  • Headstalls, bits, and reins
  • Halters and lead ropes
  • Longe (lunge) lines
  • Saddles and saddle pads
  • Saddle racks
  • Mounting blocks
  • Horse blankets and sheets
  • Brushes
  • Hoof picks
  • Blankets

Ranching equipment

  • Ranch truck (for towing horse trailer)
  • Skips and wheelbarrows
  • Manure forks
  • Fencing materials
  • Bedding