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StarBrite Stables

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StarBrite is able to help disadvantaged children because of financial assistance from our sponsors. Please join them and help us to continue our program!

StarBrite Horses

StarBrite Stables: Large and small horses running together

There are many types and sizes of horses at StarBrite. It is always important to fit the child with the right horse. Many components are considered in making this match and we are pleased to have such a variety of horses sizes and personalities to choose from. Your kind donations allow us to maintain these horses helping to provide the very best experience for our kids.

Meet Our Horses

To highlight a few of our horses, we would like you to meet:

StarBrite Stables: Rose the horse

Rosie (Ute's Rose Royce) is an appaloosa who loves children and is as kind as she is beautiful! Rosie has been with us for many years and always makes us proud.

StarBrite Stables: Lizzy and Bucky, two miniature horses

Lizzy and Bucky are part of our mini herd. These little ones always bring joy to the children. They are calm, playful, curious and just fun to be with!

StarBrite Stables: Cassidy and Hallie, two miniature horses

Cassidy and Hallie are so very adorable. Hallie loves to be with the children and seems to think that she is a dog, instead of a horse. Cassidy is sweet and has been a very good mom.

StarBrite Stables: Hillary riding Baby Girl

Hillary is riding Baby Girl, a beautiful paint who is calm, cool and very collected as you can see, she is riding bareback with just a rope halter and lead rope.

StarBrite Stables: Hillary works with Reba

Hillary works with our horses to keep them in good shape both physically and mentally. Here, she is checking Reba's feet. Reba spent her youth as a Civil War Reenacting cavalry horse. She does it all - spooks at nothing and loves to "talk" to the kids. She is a natural ambassador for StarBrite.

StarBrite Stables: Rene and Irish

Rene and Irish are still very young, but like so many of the children who visit us, are curious and fun loving. They greet each child with enthusiasm and joy. They give our kids the chance to work with yearlings who are still in training which gives our children a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction each time a new command or instruction is learned.

StarBrite Stables: Christmas Parade StarBrite Stables: Christmas Parade

Here are Cassidy, Vanna, Sonny and Lizzy at the Christmas Parade with some of our kids and volunteers.

StarBrite Stables: Rene and Irish

Misty and Bella are two of our most loved, beautiful horses. They are willing partners and trustworthy friends to all at StarBrite.